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#174158 - He couldn’t quite remember which one, it might have been the science fair, where the mechanical mouse didn’t win any prizes, but caught a lot of attention for its originality. After his first five years of service, he elected to go to the Reserves and began his teaching career at the ripe old age of thirty. Gene had meant to stop in at the grocery store on the way home from school, and in daydreaming of his coming date with one of the prettiest girls in school, had missed his turn into the parking lot.

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Hanzou gouda
Mmm yess it would
Touko aozaki
Her body is art
Taeko minazuki
Damn whoever did her makeup needs to catch up to the circus they used to do makeup for
Ritsuko akagi
Mmm mmm i want feel her n kee6 skeetin in her