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#390301 - She has one arrow sticking out of her left arm, and one in her right thigh. Now I will show you why. She’s staring in wonder at the small stalagmites on the ceiling, and smaller ones that come out of the walls, she touches one of the mushrooms on the wall, and it starts to glow a bright blue, illuminating the area she’s in with a bright light.

Read Colombiana Mousou Shoujo Kikuri-chan # 13 Asians Mousou Shoujo Kikuri-chan # 13

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Machi amayadori
Ami pl tipa
Satoru furuya
Necesito alguien que me llene la boquita asi dioos
Kazuya kagami
You can see where the doctors removed her tail probably shortly after birth nice lil slim body though would have been interesting to see her curly little tail wagging while getting that gap widen some more