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#59505 - Shit, things were not looking too good, I hoped it didn’t escalate and words get thrown so I quickly turned off the water and ran over to the fire with my towel pretending I was cold “whats up?” I asked Rod casually said “Brett pissed on you in the shower” I was a bit shocked that Rod just didn’t seem to care. I woke and poked my head through the door of the tent to see Jeff on the other side of the campfire with an erection pointing straight at me … I was shocked speechless until he spoke “Haven’t you even seen a bloke with morning wood ? ” I must have looked very confused as he explained “when a bloke needs a pee but he is still asleep his body creates an erection which put pressure on his prostate which blocks the urinary tract and he has to wait for it to go down before he can pee” As if on cue a small dribble started and his erection rapidly dwindled and his stream strengthened until it appeared normal. Rod shoved his cock back in me and said “you wanted cock, n

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