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#286517 - He had her lay on his bed & told her to be quiet, & he went his closet door where he opened the door & she got a very big suprise , There collared leashed ballgagged wearing thigh hooker boots & with the word slut written in lipstick on her forehead was Jackie , the only cheerleader mom who was black , nearly 6ft tall, she was all tits, ass & legs , Ryan had hypnotized her an hour earlier . Ryan had started by having her dress up in her bdsm outfit so she knew he wanted her to be completely obedient . Ryan was leading Sheila on her leash , she was on all fours , collared & leashed wearing her 5inch spiked heels , the 49year old was being lead by her college master to the den where she was going to give him his first blowjob of the day.

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