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#139290 - I will never say this to my mom or brother but to be honest, i never really liked Aunt Angie, she was always nice to me, don't get me wrong I just don't really trust her she always seems to get her way, I don't know if she plans on moving out any time soon, but ever since she moved in i was feeling less and less at home. After a few minutes aunt Angie walked in with Zac behind her Zac was as surprised as me to see someone else in his room He jerked back and looked at aunt Angie Who's that??? This is Amanda, she's friend's with your mom and me Now i was getting mad, they didn't include me but they called this Amanda, I didn't see her in my life, they were probably friends years ago, wtf did i do to not be included in this? Did i neglect my family too much? Were they upset with me? Was mom? Amanda was just sitting there with her head down, i think she didn't expect that reaction from Zac.

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