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#378078 - Of course it does, dear, and another thing, it makes it much easier if for some reason you need to get to your vagina! By now Debbie's cheeks were literally burning red, but she managed to ask, And why ever would I need to do that? The line was silent for a moment until in a very sexy voice Miranda asked softly, Come now, dear, haven't you ever had to insert a tampon or adjust your panties? With her breathing was now becoming slightly labored Debbie replied, I-I don't think that's any of your business! It's my job to ask these questions, Miranda Gaines interjected quickly, now please, answer me! Now totally taken in by the smooth talking woman Debbie whispered, I guess it would be easier to, you know, if I had the other kind. So you're in charge of all the shopping? Miranda asked.

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