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#5769 - No problem Tor, its nice to have someone who actually wants to see what I do, plus were gonna be the only ones there, because chief Mike is at work. But yeah we do a lot of calls, its June and we are already at 528 calls Yeah I like the ladder truck, and ha she was so surprised to see that, we don't know what happened, but I saw the girls staring at you and it was kinda weird. And I'll give you the tour Oh ok, don't you have showers and bedrooms inside the station, so you can sleep there at night and shower after calls? Do you mind if I take my shirt off? Yeah we do, although the junior members have their own bedrooms so I get my own and yeah we have showers, obviously and were kinda in public, why would you wanna strip down in public??? Bill its like 95 degrees out here and I am dying!!! How are you not sweating to death in those pants? How much further is it to the station? I know its hot Tori, and believe me if you could feel the back

Read Oral COMIC RiN 2006-06 Vol. 18 Girls Getting Fucked COMIC RiN 2006-06 Vol. 18

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