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#2671 - Olivia, do you really mean that!?! I certainly do, she said while trying to regain her composure, may I ask you a question, please?!? Sure, he replied, ask away!!! Has Adele ever put the head of your penis into her mouth, Olivia questioned softly?!? Oh, no, he replied quickly, I'd never ever ask her to do that, I'm sure she'd just laugh at me!!! As their talk grew more intimate, Jeff's penis grew longer and thicker, until it was now raised slightly off his thigh, and just hanging menacingly in the air!!! Well, Jeff, she went on, while clearing her throat, I'm going to do something that I normally never would consider, but since your situation is so desperate, I'm going to make and exception, and after saying that, she calmly leaned over and took the stunned young man's pecker head into her mouth and sucked him to a hard quick orgasm!!! He came so abruptly, that he hardly had time to warn her of his climax, but she didn't care

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