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#240736 - They lined me up and Shaz got hold of my pussy lips and spread them apart May guided the big hard cock in me ho my god it was big then I felt the horse jerk once twice tree times then I lost count. I couldn’t believe my eyes I was dressed up like a big dog in a very tight fitting doggy suit there were cushioned pads on my hands and knees and on my head was kind of a half mask covering the top of my head eyes and nose, leaving my mouth free I suppose to eat and drink with, just then I herd a noise out side the cage and tried to shout out but the black tape over my mouth under this suit was stopping me from making a noise. I never went out of the house except to go food shopping and that was about it, I am thirty two brunet with a rather large bust and small waist and bum, when my boy friend left me for some one else I just went to pieces and became a total recluse never going out of the house, I would even rush home from work so as I could be on my own, how sad is that.

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Rokuro okajima
Very good
Fuck i busted so hard i think a nut actually came out
Pieck finger
This is so amazing
This is usually what i do lol