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#298480 - You done made it really good for this dog Missy and he's swelled up real big and it's gonna take a while for him to cool off. remembering that first time in the park, how my pussy had been blackened for hours by Ray's enormous cock, and how his dog had made me his bitch starting the whole afternoon off still excites me to think about it. Soon I'm cumming again as she rubs my titties, my body rippling with spasms as I tense and feel both their cocks fucking into me hard and Ray saying to her, You gonna feel like this hon, you gonna cum from my dogs fucking you asshole while I tear dat pussy up I can tell how badly she wants that to be true, how she wants to climb between the two of us and mash her pussy down into his gargantuan cock but instead she places her pussy in front of my face while squatting over Rays face and pulls me to her by my hair, hunching her pussy against my face as she tries to stimulate her clit.

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