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#114377 - One day while eating her meal Ayame asks Rikimarue if it really is all about money? Rikimarue laughs and says In the begining it was for the money and watching you get brutally raped by all types of demons but things have changed, the demons have promised to teach me the dark arts, the ability to harness and manipulate dark energy . The horse demons cock isn't erect but is still huge, Ayame looks at it and still can't believe that something that big was inside her pussy just a few moments ago, getting on her knees she grabs the horse demons cock head and starts licking it, Merik rams one of his tentacle arms deep into Ayames asshole and squeezes one of her tits with his other tentacle arm. Merik laughs and they both watch as the horse demon cums and shoot loads of his sperm deep into Ayames pussy before finally pulling his huge cock out of her, Ayame is exhausted after this long and brutal rape.

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