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#326725 - Her asshole was so tight, and his cock so huge that it seemed almost impossible to make it work, but she was determined, and with each small push back she began to feel it stretching her, stretching her just a tiny bit open, and then a bit more until *POP* suddenly the whole head was inside her! She moaned deeply with the sudden flush of pleasure that washed over her, but she barely had time to savor it as she soon found she was instinctively riding him, and the man, following her eager cues, was no longer holding back but responding to her steady bouncing with upward thrusts that were driving deep, deep inside her ass, causing her to moan uncontrollably as she rode the man’s massive cock. She then heard him say, “Or else…I can ask one of these other guys too. She heard the sound of slick flesh moving along slick flesh, and the moans of men orgasming, or getting close to it.

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