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#279176 - I thought I would scar he for life if I flatly refused, well that’s what I told myself, so I pulled my hand away, she smiled and stepped closer, her fingers were so soft and gentle as she closed them around my cock, “Paul likes me to wank him, would you like me to wank you” my lack of no answer told her she could, she was good at this, she ran her hand up the full length and down slowly, the foreskin peeled right back exposing my purple head, she giggled, with her steady wanking of me, I didn’t last more than three minutes before I was coming all over her hand and splashing the tree. I had some work to finish in the children’s area and was busy when Becky’s mother came up to me, “Thanks for looking after Becky, I hope she wasn’t any trouble as she can be a right pest some time’s” “No she behaved herself” she left and I preyed Becky didn’t mention about being my girlfriend. After that one dance she kissed me to thank me, Debora kissed Tony, then the girls disappeared up stairs, Ton

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