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#193364 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave comments of what you thought of this story, its the first one that i've actually ever submitted, and im always happy to get insight on it. Not drunk anymore and thinking clearly, he didn’t want what had happened last night to end, so as Stephanie slept, he carried her down into the basement, and tied her hands to one of the overhead beams, took a piece of cloth, and shoved it in her mouth, and went back upstairs, leaving her there for later fun. The next guy that took his place behind her, took one look at her stretched pussy, and stated that he never did like sloppy seconds, and placed the tip of his penis on the entrance to her ass.

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Yoshitake shiraishi
Eat them all take the sausage and the ball once together
Ruka sarashina
I like this lil bitch 4 some reason