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#257019 - Then my guy got up and got the cards and said that sounds like fun. I bent over and pushed Joe on his back and started sucking him he held my head and I went deep on him sucking him and rubbing his balls I was so turned on I told my guy how good his buddys cock was then I felt my thong being pulled to the side and there stood Ben behind me sliding his cock in me from behind,just as he he buried himself in me, I felt Joe explode his warm cum sliding down my throat as I swallowed and licked his warm load. Then I heard Ben come in said he had to pee Ok I said then he flushed and slid the curtain open and came in with me> He kissed me and rubbed my tits we made out and I felt his hard cock rubbing on me I stepped out and dried off and he finished showering I put on my skimiest sexiest teddy with my sheer thong and went out and sat down.

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