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#93842 - I pulled the caravan up back in the same place, with their cars around we still had a private spot to play, and walk around naked, which was now the common dress code, the girls often teasing us guys touching one another up, then we all decided to take a naked walk on top of the rock. Sue finally woke, the dildo had fallen out of her ass over night still in bed with her as she pulled the covers off, we sat down to a light breakfast, after the guys joined us, all laughing and telling each other about what we all did, Sue shocked them all when she told them I fisted her ass, Gretchen had a quizzed look on her face, as Sue told them about the feeling and orgasm she had whilst I fisted her. Dave was fairly close, looking intensely at the bi fuck before him, then I saw Lyn talk to him, and he nodded a yes, not sure what she said, but Dave got closer to me and his hard cock let me know he wanted in too, so leaning forward I heard Lyn tell him to stick his cock in my ass too, seconds

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Rean schwarzer
Do blowjob gestures more and show more tongue please
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I know right he s great
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