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#159524 - i booked mitch my mom came into the living room and said to me you okay? i said no im not my mom said whats wrong? i said this lady has come to do my hair but she isnt mitch jess spoke and said listen for a moment i interupted and said no you listen lady i am not paying $300 for my hair styling by a stylist i did not hire but in the end jess did style my hair and added the crown and my hair looked nice it was 8. mom mom mom my mom came running into my room and said what wrong i started crying my car late my fucking car is late!!! my mom grabbed me and said whooo calm down we have loads of time i picked up my cell and rang harvey baby is your car there? harvey said yes its just arrived why i said mines is late(still crying) harvey said calm down babe there is time deep breaths i put my cell down and waited finally my car arrived and we was on are way when i got there havrey looked amazing when everyone took there seats me and harvey walked down the ile w

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