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#9123 - As usual I was smoking dope when I went to feed and walk Spike, I was so horny that I lay down on the couch undid my shirt and took of my knickers I started to play with myself, I was miles away on a wave of lust when I felt Spikes soft fur coat brush my thighs, as I opened my eyes spike began to lick my pussy his tongue was so warm and wet, I took my fingers away to let him get deeper but spike licked all my love juice of them, then went back to eating my muff I did this three more times and every time he finished licking my fingers he went back to my pussy, I was so turned on that I spread some of my juice over my breasts with special attention to my nipples, Spike went wild licking my beasts when his velvety tongue rolled over my nipples I cum on the spot, then Spike went back to my pussy making me wet and horny again, I had only ever played with myself until then but my first time with Spike was AWESOME, so every day I would go to the hut and play with the dog, but now I didn

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