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#168620 - Horton’s office wondering how in the world this could have happened to her!!! Fired from her job, and after all these years, she couldn’t believe it!!! She passed Mrs. Jenna stumbled from Mrs. Okay dear, this is how I calm down my own two children when they're feeling low, she said, while ?}? feeding one of her hard nubs into Jenna's eager mouth, “suck it my child, let mama make her baby feel all better! For the first time since she had gotten the ax Jenna began to unwind as she rested her head on Donna’s big round tummy while gently sucking on her oversized tit!!! It was then she realized that when she had called her self a fat bitch she had inadvertently included Donna in her remarks as she was even bigger and plumper than she was!!! Lifting her face, she whispered, “Thank you,” and then went silently back to nursing on the hard nip!!! Jenna wasn’t sure how long she had had her mouth at Donna’s big breast, but she was roused to her senses when the older woman took he

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