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#241812 - It all started the 23rd of December after years of being insulted, punished and abused severely for several years by the nuns, they had planned to ran away this day because is the one that the nuns were working the most, making punch, cookies, and everything for the great dinner that night and the sales of before new year, the plan was simple, escaping in the afternoon when the nuns baked everything they will go apart from the other boys, go for their backpacks and use a hole in the back wall of the yard. --“hey did you brought the magazine?” --yeah and you brought the Vaseline?” --“better, my dad had this watermelon flavored lubricant” --“bullshit” --“no dude they do exist” --“well let’s get started then” --“yeah nice magazine wait why are there girls with dicks there?” --“they are transsexuals, and let me tell you it took me some guts stealing this” --“yeah being 12 sucks” --“let me get my watch out of my wrist” -“hurry” Was then the moment one of the boys got naked, and

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Que rica esta yo le hubiera rompido su culito