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#167033 - I watched as my once innocent teenage sister rubbed her little bald pussy, my cum covering her face, her starting to moan, I had to ask ”How long have you been able to cum Faith, when did you become such a dirty little girl? “About two years now, Jamie taught me, and I want to be so much more dirty for you Dan, I’m not 8 anymore, I watch porn on the internet and I so want to do all those things I have seen, I want to do them all with you” she said breathing hard. I said “No problem kiddo” As she approached my bed I could see that she had on her typical long night shirt, but as she climbed into bed I got a quick look glance at her ass and saw she had no panties on, Again another twitch in my cock and I began to get hard. “OMG Faith Jamie knows, if she ever tells anyone I can go to jail and who knows what would happen to you” “Dan its ok Jamie isn’t going to say anything to anyone, She is my best friend, plus she really likes you” she responded To my surprise my cock did not go

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