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#158238 - 30 just as we were almost done she walked over stacking the plates and bowls away while the sterio blaired out loude i must not of been paying as much attension as i thought because the next moment i had a sharp cutting pain across the parm of my hand i forced my hand out of the water like a reflex arghh dam claire ran over to see what was wrong and all i could see was my parm split open must of been from one of the knives still in the sink oh my god come here i herd claire say i turned around and she wraped my hand in a wet dish cloth to stop the bleeding she looked like she was in such a panic stay here im going to go get marcus she stated running out the door but why did she care so much i mean its not like she knew me that well but before i could think more into it marcus came running in with a first aid kit in his hand and claire following behind let me see your hand buddy he said opening the first aid box on the side he took off the dish cloth off and chucked it in the tras

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