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#303380 - Blake kissed me goodbye and left I fell back asleep and dreamed of Ray fucking me and Blake fucking me in the ass I woke up Cumming, I was naked laid face down on the bed still horny so I raised my ass in the air and started rubbing my clit I was nearly Cumming when I felt someone licking my pussy, Blake must be back early I moaned and groaned as this long tongue flicked in and out me I continued rubbing my hand Clit, OH BABY YOU’RE THE BESTED DON’T STOP, I thought this is to go to be Blake some how must be Ray at this point didn’t really care, I started rocking my hips meant this rough flicking tongue flick for flick, my juices rolled down my thighs onto the bed, I felt the weight on the bed over me and than a tight grip around waist, I giggled, YEAH FUCK ME RAY FUCK ME I AM YOUSE I SCEAMED, After a few thrust he entry me it as big s Blake’s dick maybe bigger, I moaned and groaned curling my fingers into the bed sheets OOOO, OOO OOOO, ARRR ARR, ARR YES FUCK ME, The pace got fast

Read Teacher Natsu no Tokubetsu Hoshuu - Original Gay Outdoors Natsu no Tokubetsu Hoshuu

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