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#37247 - As its early you think to yourself that you might walk to work through the park and have breakfast at that nice little place you noticed some time ago. Shoes, well if you are going to walk to work you had better wear something a little more comfortable than your stilettos so you select a nice pair of white sling back with a little heel on, and think to yourself that finishes of the ensemble well. You are aware of another noise and turn to see yet another cock sticking through the other hole, wow it must be the twin of the other one because it is equally as big, the guy who has his cock deep in your cunt turns his head and licks this other cock, then takes it into his mouth, you’ve never seen a guy suck a cock before and you are surprised at how turned on you are by it, you can feel your cunt juices starting to flow down your legs, as you turn your attention back to the big cock sticking out of the wall, so there you are with a cock deep in your cunt one in your mouth and the g

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Mio minato
Thinking about the people id like to destroy