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#46168 - - Not if he accepted. so she get naked and down on her knees and let me do the rest, under one condition. The idea of him Cuming inside me drove me to another orgasm my pussy was crying for more and I widened my legs to allow more dick to fuck me, then I felt strange, Mike was trying to push more inside me and I felt a wide ball trying to enter my, then I screamed loud as a lemon sized thing was fixed in, I was stuck with mike who was standing still now and suddenly I felt a huge amount of his semen filling my pussy it was too much to stay in with his dick and knot so I was crying of pain but it was a beautiful pain, a wild pure fuck I never had in my life and soon I build another orgasm realizing that Mike was getting sure his semen will have him get new puppies from me, his new bitch, I felt so good I promised Mike to allow him to fuck me whenever he decided to feel like a wild male.

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