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#36819 - He said, being drunk that night gave him the courage to start it, then he could not go any further, he did not want to push me hard, but the second night, he found me so easy, that is why he tried it again with me till he succeeded in getting between my legs and finally “as he put it” he fucked me. I had nice pair of tits, a little bigger than mid-size, nice round ass, sexy curvy figure all over, but I had never had the time for myself, I was always busy at work, My teenage son Billy was going to school by then, but unlike boys his age, he was big in size, tall, broad shoulders, and athlete body, he was working out in the health club all the times. I had my bottom parts covered with the bed sheet, all the times, as I was totally pantie less, but that did not stop Billy from sneaking a few looks at my tits, or even at my nipples which would show partially during my sudden moves, I guess I could not help noticing his eyes looking, and he knew I did too, we just looked at each other s

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