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#89205 - I pulled the bottle out of her ass and i could see her hole was a lot wider now, so i put my cock up there i heard the most deafening scream ever i just put it further and further up until i couldnt get anymore in. I took i pants off completely and headed for the number one target with my soldier at full stretch, she guided it into her little nest and her walls kept getting tighter the further it went in, we where in the missionary position at this point and in backward forward motion i was sliding in and out of her moist pussy. I tried to be a pornstar and take her thong off with my teeth but it was impossible, as soon as i got it off i saw her fanny a cute little shaven thing with just a gash going through the middle i opened her legs and kissed her inner thigh moving inward towards her cunt, i licked and sucked until her minge was dripping wet.

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