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#204335 - When he felt they were both comfortable with the situation , he asked her, Ready to take off a piece of clothing or two, Emma? She nodded boldly, and answered, Ready when you are Tommy, just give the word! Okay baby, he replied soothingly, let's loose the blouse, slowly! As Tommy snapped away, Emma unbuttoned her blouse and began to reveal her huge chest encased in her low cut lace bra. Too bad you didn't get a picture of that, offered Emma, snuggling against Tommy while resting her head on his chest! He laughed and replied, Oh but we did my dear, I started the video camera when we first started shooting! She snuggled closer, and let her hand brush across his now hardening pecker and sighed, Mmmm, I guess we don't want to waste any tape, do we?!? Tommy closed his eyes, and replied, No Emma, my love, we wouldn't want to do that!!!! THE END. Tommy quickly introduced himself and asked her if she was indeed interested in posing in front of his

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