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#198147 - Stu pushed me off his lap and retreated back to the table with Ed as the next man who I now knew as Chuck slipped onto the bed, rolled me onto my back and slipped between my legs with his beautiful 8 inch cock pointing directly at my pussy. At one point Stu brought up the subject of his bachelor party and how I had been one of the three white party favors (as he called us) and how all of us had taken one hell of a pounding that night, and that he was really surprised when any of us had been able to put our legs close enough together to walk out of the place. I had forgotten how different yet good it felt to have a man fuck my ass.

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Koyori kokubunji
I love it that it was public
Shizuka tokime
Will you show your face if you reach 1st pornstar rank
You are kind of best really these skills