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#45065 - Part 2 Denise is trying to think where she is being taken, but being naked bound and with a cloth bag over her head has no real idea where, or for that matter which way, after the first of several turns? The drive seems forever, but for her time means little! When the van finally comes to a stop, she can hear the drivers door open and can hear someone talking? This is followed by the rear doors of the van opening and feeling the still warm evening air on her nakedness, although it is well after 2:00 am in he morning there are several yellow dim security lights around the building that give off an eerie light! Apparently there are several people a man an woman, and the conversation is about her! The voice is of her abductor Sam and she can hear him say this is my latest victim and is she nice! Then the terrified helpless feeling of strong hands on her ankles as her bare bottom is easily dragged through the slimy puddle of cum across the cold metal floor! Denise is pulled up int

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