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#169384 - Let me tell you about my dream from the start, then perhaps you can make a move to defend yourself from the things that I'm very sure could happen here tonight. Naturally I was sad as I wash your tantalizing body under the shower, the sadness increased when you sat before the mirror and carefully apply your make-up, then I watched as you slowly got dress. I didn't push any harder or deeper, I just took up the natural rhythm as I held you tightly in my arms constantly aware of your hot moist flower and the sliding of my stem, your soft moans soon became louder moans of pleasure and your body was caught up in the rhythm, I felt when you spread your thighs wider, your hips rose higher and you pull down on my ass as you try to suck in more of my stem, once again I heard pain mixed with pleasure as my stem slide a little deeper into you, yet when I tried to ease back you pulled harder on my body.

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