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#48802 - The girls still come over, and we play a lot, Alicia even lived with us for a couple of months while her apartment was being fumigated, she was a blast, the experience was a learning one, but the girls all had even though they wouldn’t admit it, loads of fun, and I say that knowing that the fact that they all came when they were even being forced to have sex, they still all of them had a massive orgasm, and oh yes, I do have a set of the anal beads and we use them lots. He stroked his cock once more, she was wincing at the aspect of him fucking her with his huge wide cock, he lined it up with her pussy, she thought if I tighten up, it’s going to really hurt, so at the last second she tried to relax, he plunged it into her, she almost fell forward but he caught her by her tits and she didn’t like that at all, it hurt really badly. Then the guys were all spent, they tied the girls up, left them on the floor and got dressed and left, when they did, they left the door wide open and the

Read Adolescente Shoutai Fumei no Otouto-sama - Touhou project Workout Shoutai Fumei no Otouto-sama

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