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#269514 - Naruto pulled Kyuu forward and blushed at the cock he was seeing he grabbed it and started to lick it the taste was amazing and he could hear Kyuu moaning he managed to get five inches in his mouth and sucked on her cock making louder slurping noises then she did M-master I'm gonna cum! Naruto didn't care he was ready he knew he was crazy now he was sucking this girls dick this girl that he made why did he feel the need to do this? All this was going through his head when a loud scream brought him back Kyuu was cumming he felt her first load in his mouth he swallowed all he could, But he soon was covered in cum he loved the feeling of it being on him and with that he stood up and kissed Kyuu. This will also be a ten chapter story. Mmmm lets go get cleaned up.

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Matsuri kazamaki
Wow sexy
Ban yamano
Nice fucking earrape at the end
Kudryavka noumi
I thought they were the same fuckin people
Kirara amanogawa
Lbh your a fucking godess