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#5447 - Her mind drifted to the now brought back from her thought’s has the car pulled up…. She was turned yet again her sheer blouse ripped from her body, fingers took her nipples wringing them tugging so hard she thought she’d die, then her tits were being spanked Ruth didn’t know were the next blow would come from, the clapping got louder has her humiliation continued……. Then they both joined in adding their own piss, Ruth along with her tiny filthy pink costume was covered in the acrid smelling and salty tasting amber liquid and much to her own disgust Ruth began to enjoy it chasing the pee with her lips, even becoming hot and excited by her own degradation, so much so when Mignon ordered her she stretched her cunt lips and began to pee on her abusers streams jetting from her exposed pee hole.

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Locke cole
Thanks miss milk you should be a bad girl more often it seems you enjoy your punishment and i definitely like watching it
Ai que delicia eu ia amar ser fodida assim