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#320374 - She stared at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks, tears always worked with Jonah and she knew it Celeste: It's. He let his sentence trail off, he was a little embarrased as to what he wanted to tell Celeste, if he told her how he really felt it could ruin everything and his fear of losing her could become reality Celeste:- It's just what Jonah:- Nothing, it's just nothing Jonah:- Don't lie to me Jonah, i know there is something bothering you, please just tell me Jonah:- I can't, i won't, don't try to make me, please Celeste:- Jonah please just tell me, whatever it is i can deal with it Jonah looked down at the floor, Celeste could tell something was seriously wrong now, if he wouldn't look at her, maybe she had done something wrong, maybe he didn't like her anymore, maybe he didn't want to be her friend Celeste:- You don't like me, that's why you don't want me to go, y

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