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#341598 - He is anxious to depart as his questionable contacts in Johannesburg have led him to believe that the Moussaieff Reds, these incredible diamonds he is seeking are in Somalia, and can with his money, and little effort belong to him! He is in a hurry to leave and pursue this appealing chance to be the proud owner of these magnificent gems! Lwando has been invited to accompany them, but has declined. other! She cannot believe the wanton feeling this has aroused in her genitals as the flesh colored suit is pulled down exposing dimples and a white almost virgin pair of buttocks? Laying there she is unsure what to do or say, and is barely able to muster a most unconvincing word , “No”! But again makes no effort to move or resist as the feelings for Jane now, no longer a lady, is unconsciously tightening her bottom and pubic muscles so perversely, and quite erotic by dry humping the hard rock like bulge in the sand under her apex, and this sensation has overcome any rational thought!

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