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#343952 - 35 minutes passed by and the nurse approached Tom, told him that the doctor was waiting for him; Tom was delighted with this news. The doctor started to massage his upper thigh very gently using a pain relief cream, the pain was on the left thigh up towards the ass cheek, the doctor hands started to touch Tom's left ass cheek, at that moment Tom had a strange feeling of temptation, since he had a couple of gay sexual experiences, he knew that he was delighted to this situation but he did not want the doctor to notice that, but unfortunately for Tom the doctor was noticing that Toms cock was growing between his legs, dr. So Philip continued to fuck Tom with his finger using a cream to make the butt hole softer, so he could enter his other finger, Philip pushed in his other finger gently, now he had tow fingers fucking Tom, Philip was playing with Toms 7.

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Thats when that primeval instinct take over