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#9852 - “Oh, I wish I had my camera, to capture this; photo you, Ha: I don’t have any of you, and only one I keep secret of Yen at our photo wedding time; well, until she was here in January, but of our years together, I have only that single one of Yen. But I couldn’t forget her. I checked out, paying my bill, and seeing Linh yet again; then my mobile rang, and Ha said “I will see you in Ho Chi Minh, Anh…chung em” I couldn’t talk; her use of the words for ‘husband of her’ left me crying, and I couldn’t do anything but sob into the phone before disconnecting the call.

Read Adorable [Datendou] ENDLESS DESIRE -01- XENOGLOSSIA (idolmaster) - The idolmaster Dancing ENDLESS DESIREXENOGLOSSIA

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