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#219104 - It was comfortable and, frankly, shopping for a new one was too much hassle. Nick had been an accountant before coming to work for Sam, one of the classic grey men commuting into an office each day for eight hours of mindless drudgery. Partly, that was the result of the milk which no doubt filled it, but it was also constricted by the adjustable opening in the suit which had been tightened around its base all of which had combined to give it a light purple colour and a bulbous onion-like shape.

Read Gorgeous 中文韩漫 無法停止的甜蜜關係 Ch.0-12 Reverse 中文韩漫 無法停止的甜蜜關係 Ch.0-12

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Y all fuck so good can you do the toy with backshots
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Those are actors