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#126969 - And I started to rub her up and This time I was going to really try to get her turned on with my rubbing and Hoped she would grind against my dick and I could stop hurting so much, so I went on pinching and rubbing her nipple and when she would jerk or moan I would find a place she liked and then I would really go after that, she was just loving this I could tell, as she would help me rub her nipple , she was saying in a very soft voice ohh That’s good mmm yeah mmm ,it was turning me on even more hearing her pleasure, now my dick was not real big but pretty thick for a 12 year old now I am easing it against my mom’s ass crack and it feels so good, I start pressing harder against her and sliding up and down slow into her crack I just can’t help it feels so good, and I guess I moaned out and mom responded, she started grinding into me as I grind up and down she slid up her ass just enough for my dick to slip out thru her ass crack and onto her pussy and I could feel the wetness of h

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Ako tsuchiya
I love the sound of a woman enthusiastically slurping on a dick