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#161355 - “A-ah! C-come on Emma I can’t help it!” He whined, wiggling helplessly as his cock raised off his stomach slightly, starting to thicken and lengthen. “D-don’t do it!” He pleaded adorably. “Don’t you think it’s hot?” She enthused, “To be fucking another guy, being in control, but for the guy to stay soft?” He shook his head, “I really don’t see how that’s sexy…” Emma pursed her lips and looked at him with that icy blue stare of hers, “Oh come on Carter… Like… It’s like the pleasure isn’t mutual, it makes it all about me, like, you’re so into pleasuring me that you forgo your own pleasure and it’s that that I get off on! Knowing you want to make me feel soooo good soooo much that my pleasure comes first.

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Very tasty one by the way
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I like the pool hope one day we will swim together
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