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#172823 - She began rolling her tongue over my tip licking the slit at the top ad occasionally stopping teasig me to full effect and using a hard hands on approach brought me to man amazing climax but instead of pulling away pulled in and took my hot load in her mouth and gulped down every last drop she could. As soon as i stepped in the door she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me passionately, trading tongues and saliva locked in a fierce lust when suddenly i pulled away and asked Hang on what about Ryan and our relationship, you said i'd never get a shot at you? Oh shut up, you fool, i care for Ryan however you know i don't love him and you know this is just sex, my heart lies with Phil so just enjoy this, if you can keep me happy maybe this'll be a more regular occurence, she replied. When she dopped her underwear i approached and fondled her lustious breasts and started to stroke her moist, juicy pussy, and slipped one finger at a time into her until i

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