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#50563 - I'm sorry I'm holding on so tight, but I really am frightened, she offered! While trying to maneuver his fingers for a better feel, he replied back, Oh, that's all right, if it makes you feel better, it's all right with me!!! Soon the jet was taxiing out to the runway, and Sonja's breathing became shallow and intermittent, a sure sign of hyperventilation. He half expected some resistance, but instead she just snuggled closer, and lay her head on his shoulder! Slowly he worked his hand up the inside of her leg, pausing every now and then to make sure she realized what he was doing. A slight moan escaped her lips, but other than that, you couldn't have told that she was getting her cunt fingered! I have a request for you, he offered, while gently slipping his finger in and out of her honey pot, I can tell that you're a very sexual person, and I would like to ask you questions about your sex life and your body, if that's okay with you!?! H

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